Trovali: What Does It Mean

Spanish speakers sit tight…. we are in the process of creating the most efficient way of getting things done in South America.  For now, expats, gringos, and the Chilean who actually speaks Spanish can join us in building this amazing platform.

A little vague?  Well here’s an idea of how it will work – it’s a Sunday and you need help delivering and setting up your furniture you just bought at Sodimac or the furniture store.  You don’t want to pay a bunch of guys sitting outside the hardware store so you post a task and within minutes students with building experience start bidding on your task.  After an hour, you choose a student who has a truck, excellent reviews, and has building experience.  You pay him $15-20 for about an hour of his time.  You save money and he earns what he could in almost a day.  You leave him a great review and next time you need something done, you will go to Trovali to save money.

Having lived in Santiago, Chile for the last 6 months, I’ve struggled to find a cheap way of getting my laundry done. It costs about $8  at my apartment to do it myself and it’s roughly the same to drop it off down the street.  That’s insane – I’m not paying $8 to drop something off anywhere – only if they come and pick it up at my doorstep. This is Chile not Manhattan!  Just don’t tell anyone in Chile this – prices are spiraling out of control and creating a false sense of worth and value throughout the country.  Trovali is essentially a check on this system – effectively creating a meritocratic marketplace where price is determined by true value.

In order to make this happen, we need your help – we need people who want to get things done more efficiently and we need people who want to make money helping their neighbors get stuff done.