Trovali Founder’s Journal


Trovali headlines El Mercurio, Chile’s largest newspaper

After going door to door doing research for our newly launched startup, one which we had to launch on 12/12/12  for good luck, it feels good to know that we are seeing amazing demand in Santiago for getting things done easier.  Like most marketplaces, the juggling act of managing supply and demand has made our entrance into the Chilean ecosystem a tricky one.  Students need money and they are willing to spend hours striking for free education…but Im not really sure they are willing to work freelance just yet….throwing rocks at cops is easy…and not as risky as doing a little work for yourself.   Thats just a bit out of the comfort zone, but we’re making headway and I it looks like within 6 weeks we will have a large enough population of student Runners to manage our supply.

This morning, the manager of my hotel asked me if I could provide 10 housekeepers a day…for the next 3 months.  I was a little surprised to see that one of the top hotels in Chile was so understaffed…maybe thats why I havent had clean towels in nearly a week.  Apparently every hotel in Santiago has a great need for “chambermaids” and it is creating a bit of an upward price war for cleaning “talent”.  Why go work for $30/day at the Gen Suites when the Marriott can pay $35.  (yes, These are the real wages they pay)  I never thought I would be in the housekeeper staffing business in South America, but if it gets the market excited about what we can do, we will pedal janitorial services.



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