Laundry mishap in Chile

2 months after beginning to build Trovali, I am still running into comical issues getting simple things done.  Last week I finally mustered up the strength to leave my workload to do some laundry in the basement of my hotel.  2 laundry tokens cost $6- this will get you one load of clothes washed and dried- I bought four tokens for $12 dollars and 2 hours later pulled my still soaking wet clothes out of the dryers.  2 broken dryers- no refund and no way of getting it repaired- just the typical shrug from the maintenance guy.  I ended up having to hang sheets over the balcony, underwear from chairs and every doorknob, picture-frame, and broom in my apartment had something hanging from it.  Watching my clothes collect smog and mold while I spent the afternoon working on trovali, reminded me of why I am spending 18 hours a day building this site.  Now, on top of laundry issues, I have a big whole in my door from our 4th of July party when one of my colleagues managed to lock us out of the room.  Now the only way to fix this was to call up a locksmith…with his limited Spanish, there was no way to tell if he was getting a professional or just a guy with a screwdriver.  Well unfortunately, he called the later and for $80 got us into the apartment, but it was ugly….

For those of you who have spent some time  in South America, take a crack at this poll:

Over the course of the next few weeks, we will be rolling out Trovali